I’m Katie. Mom, Wife, and in general, a hot mess! Coffee is life and I’m a waste of a human without it. I spend my days in sweat pants and tend to make shit up as I go. Personally, I think it makes for a better daily adventure that way.

As someone who copes with depression and anxiety, I have days that I struggle, and days that I slay. I have bad habits that I’ve conquered and some I still can’t break. I want to share my struggles, successes, and advice to help other people with the daily obstacles a lot of us face.

My goals with this blog are to, #1 VENT, because I’m a stay at home mom whose social life is practically non existent and I talk to small children all day. #2 HOPEFULLY entertain a few of you with my shenanigans and #3 HELP other moms, wives, and women in general, like myself, by sharing my coping mechanisms for Mom Life and Wife Duties while living with Mental Illness.